Nickalex is  the continuity of  a long existed family company K Moumtzis & sons since 1926. We are mainly involved on   Industrial-Environmental Energy projects. More that 15en years of experience on CHP project we can provide feasibility studies & commissioning services to our customers delivering energy consumption reduction. Our  experience  in Cogeneration solutions provide energy efficient technologies for a wide variety of residential and business industries and sectors.  . Our team of experts involved from  2005 on CHP, walk you through the entire process of assessing your business needs and determine the best solution for your particular sector.


The basic philosophy of the company is high quality project construction, applications of advanced low carbon technologies and, well organized timely completion of projects.


Nickalex is also active in the building and construction sector in the construction of high-tech projects, delivering excellent construction quality, strict timing and competitive cost.


Nickalex is also experienced in the construction of large boiler plants energy centers and piping systems with a particular environmental design and bioclimatic approach. This activity is augmented by the know-how of its executives in implementing energy saving systems


The mission of the company is the construction & management of energy projects with the end result of reducing greenhouse gases through new technologies and through RES. The main objective is to deliver energy projects with reliability safety functionality and above all energy savings.

Human Resouces

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    Fanis Moumtzis
    CEO / M.Sc Environmental Engineer

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    Christina Skandali
    M.Sc Architect Engineer

  3. image
    Kiprianos Arnaoutoglou
    M.Sc Civil Engineer

  4. image
    Christos Moutaftsis
    B. eng Electrical Engineer

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